Saturday, August 23, 2008

word bank

below are beautiful words chosen to heighten your mind flow. use them wisely, or not so wisely. in and out of a context. or just to get familiar. enjoy.

physical consciousness. mantras. principal. society. tallest. history. myths. realization. temple. dependency. maturity.end. interaction. state. descend. eternal. secondary. primary. primal. dignity. universalized. institution. start. stereotypes. crime. violence. stabbing. nature. healing. stuck. shea. mold. capitalism. conviction. sacred. war crimes. judgement. suspension. disobedience.


These works are featured in Head Trauma- an independent publication that accepts contributions from St. Louis area writers and artists.

Response 1.

while unicef
jabs polio into the
veins of our
mother mary
and HIV AIDS into our youth
we do not move.

we work.
as mental slaves
hoping and praying
to their god
that we are not next.
call and response (the point)

run free
we are bound


Why should you read this mini publishing?

hopefully there's a genuine passion for your culture and environment

being a part of a conversation larger than us

having an opinion (it's central to being an interesting individual)

understanding different point of views enriches your own

gaining ideas

learning to filter usefulness

it's a challenge for improvement of ourselves and the world around us

being exposed to ideas, questions, and actions we may have never thought about

...transformation is not an individual endeavor, but one that encompasses the collective many...
through small exchanges of power we can discover our individual self. we can then invest in us: monetarily, through time, thoughts and action. we are each one important part of a (not so) greater whole.
we are only heightening ourselves, not hurting by being proactive in our own lives. yet, we approach change and exchange as if we are punishing ourselves, but most often being punished by a greater force than us. there is nothing greater than you and i, and we have control of... well everything, if we accept it. we are social beings. (we should live in a social society/ our society should be social)
*"change" is not the latest technological advances. why then, is it the only time it is accepted?
we learn through one another. we do not have to beg and depend on outside sourses to fuel our minds. Let's have a conversation. lets read together: in our homes, with our friends. lets talk.
anything stagnant does not grow. without growth we are dead. keep alive. keep life.
through small exchanges of empowerment...

-lets struggle in a righteous way.